Changes to Time Trial Coursefeatured

Because of ongoing construction and updates at our school buildings, there are some small changes to the course for the Three Mile Time Trial. While the course remains largely the same, there are some important changes to the start and finish that will dramatically impact the viewing of the trial.

You can view a complete map of the course here.

Athletes should plan to park in the lots at Saline Middle School (boys report at 6PM for 7PM start, girls at 6:30PM for 7:30ish start)
Spectators can park near the start at Saline Middle School or near the finish at the Middle School Track

Course Notes
Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 1.12.19 PMThe start is near the main parking lot at Saline Middle School
The mile mark is in front of Heritage School
The two mile mark is 10 meters past the start line
The finish will be at the Middle School Track
Each 400 meters is marked with a small blue circle on the right hand side of the course



Notes for Spectators
If you ride a trail bike, you may want to bring it so that you can catch the runners at several points
If you do not want to bike, about 80% of the race will be viewable from the top of the track bleachers. Bring binoculars!
The awards ceremony will take place in front of the stands at the Middle School Track

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