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First, the coaches and athletes are glad that your daughter wants to be part of Saline Cross Country! It’s a great experience and we are glad that your daughter will be part of it this fall. For her to participate, a parent/guardian does need to complete several steps. The good news is that everything you need is right here. The bad news is that it does take some time and work to complete everything that is right here. So, to get started, click on the next section….
The rules for physicals are complex. Please review these notes carefully. 1. You cannot practice with the team without a completed athletic physical. 2. Your physical must be dated after April 15, 2015 to be valid for this fall. 3. Physicals from the 2014/2015 school year are no longer valid unless they are dated after April 15, 2015. 4. Your physical must be on the MHSAA form that is available outside of the Athletic Office’s door OR you must provide the MHSAA form in addition to your physical. If your physical is not on the MHSAA form, print out the MHSAA form and complete all sections except the part labeled “Physical Examination and Medical Clearance.” 5. To be considered “complete,” every single line must be completed. There may be no blanks. Use “NA” or “None” instead of leaving a line blank. 6. When the physical is complete, make two copies of it. Place one copy in the box outside the trainer’s office. Bring one copy to the team meeting at 7:00pm on Monday, August 10, in the HS Commons. Keep the third copy for your records. 7. If you had a physical completed at the school sessions or recently turned in your physical, still bring a copy to the team meeting at 7:00pm on Monday, August 10, in the HS Commons. 8. If you need a physical, schedule one today. If your family doctor cannot fit you in, consider using the clinic listed below, which requires no appointment and can complete the physical for $29. Saline Advance Urgent Care 140 South Industrial (opposite side of Michigan Ave. from Ruby Tuesdays) (734) 316-2268 Open 7 days a week from 9 a.m.- 9 p.m. Cost is $29 Physical is a walk-in service 9. Another option for physicals – Wednesday, August 5, 6:00PM-8:00PM at Saline Middle School. Your $30 payment helps our athletic trainer.
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A parent/guardian must complete the Team Database for each athlete. The information you provide will be used to complete eligibility for the MHSAA, will help the coaches keep parents updated ,and will be the information we rely on in case of an emergency. – Please be sure to press “Submit” at the very bottom of the form – Once you have submitted the information, you will receive a confirmation email. If you do not receive that email, please contact Coach Spina at To complete the form, click the button below. TEAM DATABASE
Special note for athletes cut from soccer: If these forms were completed as part of your registration for soccer tryouts, you do not need to submit them again. This form is information for our athletic department. It will ask questions similar to the Team Database forms you just completed. Both sets need to be completed one time for each athlete. Sorry. – Be sure to press “Submit” when you have finished – You will not receive a confirmation email after completeing this set of forms To complete the Athletic Department Database, click the button below. ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT DATABASE
Despite our best planning, life happens. At times, the coaches may need to send last-minute updates to athletes. These updates may include last-minute schedule changes or unexpected cancellations. You should add your son’s cell phone number to this list. Parents can also register if you’d like to receive these updates. Click the button below to register. TEXT UPDATES
Athletes in school sponsored sports must pay a participation fee once each school year. The necessary links are below. PAY TO PARTICIPATE FEE PAY TO PARTICIPATE SCHOLARSHIPS
Athletes are provided a jersey (first-year athletes, see the note below), which they must return at the end of the season. Athletes must purchase a pair of racing shorts from the team. He may use the same pair year after year. Options and prices are listed on the clothing order page, linked below. If the cost is an issue for your family, please contact Coach Spina. Athletes and parents can order additional clothing using the clothing order page, linked below. CLOTHING ORDER Special note for first year athletes – You will earn your jersey by completing your first race without walking. In that first race, you can wear any “Saline” shirt. Ask your mentor for help.
If you’d like to get the latest updates and course-side reactions from the coaches, follow these characters. Coach Boze, Coach Spina, and The Saline Post
Wondering if your son is properly registered? The worksheet embedded below will help you understand what is done and what needs to be completed. It is updated daily, but not instantly.