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Many of our athletes will finish their seasons over the next few weeks and it is important that they take some time away from the sport. It is also important that, if they have goals for the fall, they do not stay away for too long. Below are some guidelines for our athletes as they transition from track and into cross country summer conditioning.

First, know the schedule for summer conditioning, which remains 100% FREE for athletes that attend Saline Area Schools.

For the first seven days following your last race, take time away from structured training. You do not have to run, but if you do, limit yourself to no more than four days of running and run no more than two miles each day that you do run.

For the next seven days, run exactly what you feel like running, but run at least three of the seven days. If you want to go five miles every other day, do it. If you want to go three miles every day over the week, do that.

After that, be on a plan. Set your weekly minimum volume at something appropriate for your training and health history, and commit to running six to seven days each week. Most rising sophomores can handle 25/30 miles a week, juniors and seniors can shoot for 30 to 35. Drop in some tempo work and hill work, but keep it light. Include the strength training we use in daily practice so that you can be healthy and fast.

While it seems like summer is right around the corner, we are about one month away from the start of summer conditioning. If you do not run between now and then, you’ll regret it when June and again in September.

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