Summer-Long Cross Country Training Campfeatured

Four days a week, all summer long, 100+ cross country athletes gather at Saline’s Liberty School to train for the coming fall. On a daily basis we work on aerobic strength, form, speed development, and injury prevention. We talk about setting goals and being leaders. We have fun workouts, giveaways, slush, and popsicles.

It’s three months of quality, consistent training that adds up to one of the keys to our program’s success.

A few years ago, athletes from other schools began asking to take part in our Summer Conditioning Program. We opted to open our program to those athletes in a non-residential camp  format.

Our Summer-Long Cross Country Camp provides local athletes from smaller programs an opportunity to train with Saline’s athletes. For less than the cost of a four-day summer camp, you can receive a summer of training with 100+ training partners, all under the guidance of qualified and dedicated coaches.

If you are an area XC athlete that is interested in joining us this summer, check out the Introductory Info. If you are ready to register, check out our Registration Details.

For athletes that attend Saline Area Schools, summer conditioning remains free of charge. You can find your information on the “Summer Conditioning Info” page.

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