The Coaches

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Coach Hagood

Coach Hagood began coaching in 2000 but has been a part of the Saline CC program for a good part of his life. He was on the first team (1977) that Coach Smith ever coached at Saline, and in 1979 – his senior season – he helped lead the Saline boys’ team to its first Southeastern Conference championship. Keeping it “in the family,” Coach Hagood’s three daughters – Mollie, Emma, and Hannah – were all members of the Saline CC teams. Coach Hagood’s wife – Teresa – is a Saline graduate and a longtime supporter of the cross country program. The youngest of the family, Coach Hagood’s grandson Colton often enjoys hanging out with the team during summer conditioning workouts.

Since high school, Coach Hagood has continued running, and he works out with the team on a daily basis. He also has three marathons to his credit. As an integral part of the team, he leads not just with words but by example.

Coach Hagood has a degree in Technology Education, and when he’s not working with the CC team, he’s teaching in the SWWC’s Building Trades Program or with his own architecture design business.

Coach Hagood’s Comment:

“I originally started to run with the team to help out Coach Smith. I love to help the girls achieve success in running and hopefully give them the tools to continue to “run for life.” I feel fortunate to be a part of the biggest and best girls’ cross country team in Michigan.”

Coach Creutz’s intro is coming soon.

Coach McPherson

Coach McPherson has been with the High School team since 2013 and is proud to be part of the Saline Cross Country tradition. She is also an assistant coach with the Girls Track & Field Team in the spring. Prior to coaching at the high school level, she coached Cross Country and Track & Field at Heritage Elementary for two years.

Coach McPherson is a Minnesota native who found herself in Saline by way of Pennsylvania where she met her husband, a Saline grad, at the University of Pennsylvania. At Penn, she was a letter winner in Cross Country and Track as well as captain of her 1989 Cross Country Team. While in high school, she earned all-state honors and captained her Cross Country and Track teams. Since graduating from Penn, She has continued to keep up with her running, completing 3 marathons and running an occasional road race for fun and relaxation.

Coach McPherson has two daughters, Alex and Camryn. Alex is a 2015 Saline grad and currently at the University of Connecticut where she is majoring in Business and is a member of the Women’s Swim and Dive Team. Camryn is currently still at Saline High and a member of the Swim and Dive Team.

In addition to her B.A. from Penn, Coach McPherson earned her M.B.A. from EMU in 1996. She worked as a portfolio manager for Comerica Bank and Munder Capital Management prior to working as a budgeting analyst for Borders Group, Inc. In 2000 she left the workforce to stay home with her kids.

Coach McPherson’s quote:

“I love running and feel lucky to have the opportunity to share my love of the sport with such an amazing group of girls and to be part of the Saline running tradition!”

Coach Mark Bersuder

Coach Mark Bersuder has been a member of the Saline Cross Country staff since 1998.  He first became involved in the cross country program when his daughters – Julie and Cathy – were members of the team.  Since their days at Saline High School, Julie has moved on to become a special needs teacher in Flint; and Cathy has her Master’s degree and is an Athletic Trainer in Grand Rapids.

When Coach Bersuder isn’t working with the team, you can find him at Great Harvest Bread Company, where he is a Production Manager, beginning each morning at 2AM!  He plays an integral role in the Great Harvest fundraiser each year, when the team sells cookies, granola, and brownies to raise money for the cross country program.

Coach Bersuder often works out with the team, and he has competed in many road races, including a few half marathons.  You may have seen him walking, running, or biking on the roads and sidewalks of Saline.

Coach Bersuder’s comment:

“I like being part of the team because no one is cut, and everyone is welcomed. I believe that everyone is encouraged to do their absolute best and that everyone is a valuable part of the team. If there wasn’t such a positive atmosphere on the team, I wouldn’t be a part of it.”

Coach Creutz

Coach Creutz began coaching cross country at Saline in 2013. Before that he was involved as a parent of 3 daughters (Eileen, Meagan, and Amy) who all ran with Saline Cross Country and Track & Field. Inspired by his daughters’ running successes, He took up running earnestly over a decade ago, at the ripe young age of 48. (It’s never too late to start!)

Coach Creutz is retired from Ford Motor Company after a 35 year career as an Engineer in Product Development. He has been married to his wife, and best bud, Rosemary for almost 30 years. Besides running, Coach Creutz enjoys visiting the highest natural point in as many states as possible, hiking, and photography.

Coach Creutz is totally amazed and forever grateful for how this program nurtured and developed his daughters into the champions they became. Each achieved All-State award(s) and all 3 were Captains.

Coach Creutz’s comment:

“I have witnessed how uniquely special and successful this program is versus other high school programs in the state. I feel truly honored to be a part of this program.”

Coach Angie

Coach Angie is a Saline alum, as well as a graduate of Albion College where she ran hurdles and earned a B.A. in Biology.  After moving back to Saline from Raleigh, North Carolina with her husband Kyle (also a Saline alum) in 2013, she began coaching cross country.

Coach Angie might have been voted “least likely to run long distance ever again” if such a thing had existed during her high school days, but after graduating from Saline, she realized that the traditions, positive attitude, outlook on life, and family she’d gained from Saline CC had stuck with her.  Whenever the weather became crisp and clear on a fall day, she longed to take off on a run, and she could almost hear her former coaches and teammates’ encouraging words pushing her onward.

Over the years, Coach Angie developed a love for running, and she appreciates that she can take running with her wherever she goes.  She continues to complete races from the 5k to the marathon on her own.  Saline CC impacted her life in a positive way, and she tries to give back by passing that attitude on to her personal training clients at Vie Fitness and Spa in Ann Arbor.

Coach Angie is truly passionate about coaching the Saline girls, and she finds it inspiring to watch every single one of them finish a difficult workout, compete in their first 5k, and run a PR, all while helping their teammates do the same.

Coach Angie’s comment:

“Saline cross country is more than just a sports team; it’s a family, and it’s not just about running, but finding a confidence in yourself that continues long after the season is done.”

Coach Micallef

Coach Micallef has been coaching Cross Country and Track & Field since 1975, mostly at Ypsilanti High School, but making the switch to Saline CC after his retirement. Since 1967 he has been a daily runner (although now he “plods”).

Coach Micallef is happily married to his lovely wife – Kathy – and has three daughters – Fran, Mary Claire, and Hillary – two of whom were captains of the CC and Track & Field teams during their time at Saline.

Over his career, Coach Micallef has helped numerous teams make it to the State Championiships, coaching scores of State Champions and All State Runners. He is also a MITCA Hall of Fame member.

Most recently, Coach Micallef has been managing meets, including some that the Saline CC and Track & Field teams attend yearly. He knows just about everyone involved with high school running in the area and is also a valuable source of knowledge on running shoes from his time at Tortoise and Hare.

Coach Micallef’s comment:

“I’m happy as a clam to be coaching Saline Cross Country!”

Coach Scheenstra

Coach Marta is a 2010 Saline High School graduate. She ran cross country for Saline all through high school and was a captain her senior year. She graduated with a marketing degree from Calvin College in Grand Rapids, MI in 2014.

Coach Marta began running with the team after college to get in shape for her upcoming wedding but fell in love with coaching and has been with us ever since. She currently is pursuing her Personal Trainer Certification with the International Sports Sciences Association and looks forward to more seasons to come with all the girls as a licensed fitness professional.

Coach Stevenson

As an alumni of the Saline cross-country team, Coach Tami knows how formative cross-country can be in building long-lasting friendships, a balanced mind/body relationship, and of course, a love of running. Now, as a coach, she finds it so rewarding to be a part of those experiences with the young women on the team. And while a lot has changed since she ran over 10 years ago, there are certain things that have stayed the same, like how hard the girls work to accomplish their individual running goals – goals which can sometimes take years to achieve.

Coach Tami hopes to impart her love for leading a life that integrates work, fitness, family, and community. She tries to share with them her experiences of running 4 marathons (Chicago, Detroit, Twin Cities, and Boston) and working as a PhD student in neurophysiology at the University of Michigan. Running really provides such a wonderful platform to share stories and commune, and every year Coach Tami looks forward to cross-country season so that those relationships can continue to be nurtured and grow.

Coach Voyer

Kim joined the Saline CC coaching staff in 2014. Although new to coaching, she is a veteran runner who participated in the Saline Cross Country program from 6th grade through her senior year in 1999.

Since High School she has continued running, participating in a number of road races, 1/2 marathons, marathons, one ultra marathon, and two ironman races.  When Kim isn’t practicing with the team she is either working part-time in HR as a Talent Development Manager, counseling clients in her practice, or chasing after her son.

Coach Kim’s comments:

“I am extremely grateful to be part of such an iconic program that represents the most dedicated, supportive, and hard working coaches, volunteers, and most importantly RUNNERS in the country.”

Coach Kim’s Favorite quote:

(while running repeats) “It’s only 60 seconds of your life!!!” Coach Smith

Shaeffer Intro Coming Soon

Coach Spina

Coach Spina has been part of Saline’s running community since 2001, when he was hired to coach the 5th and 6th grade cross country team at Heritage Elementary School. In 2004, he was named the Head Coach of the Boys’ Cross Country team and has helped grow that program to regularly include nearly 100 athletes. In 2016, Coach Spina was given the title of Director of Cross Country and was charged with uniting and progressing both the boys and girls cross country programs.

Coach Spina is a student of the sport that has enjoyed learning about the psychology and physiology of the sport since he was 17 years of age. He also places a heavy emphasis on teaching each athlete her potential to impact others.

Coach Spina’s comments:

“Coaching in Saline is a dream.”