Weekly Update for XC Parents – Sep 4featured

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Looking Back

Results, times, & pictures from Early Bird – Boys – Girls

Looking Ahead

Mon – No Official Practice

Tue – 3:00 Practice @ HS

Boys Meet in Varsity Team Rooms (next to PE Locker Room) – See Coach Boze in the team rooms for a locker

Girls Meet in Wrestling Room (next to HS Commons) – Girls can store backpacks there

Wed – 3:00 Practice @ HS

Thu – 3:00 Practice @ HS

Fri – 3:00 Practice @ HS

Sat – Bath Invite & Ramblin’ Rock Invite – Boys’ Meet Info – Girls’ Meet Info

First Week of School = Tired Kids

The first week of school is difficult for young people. Social life and academics are demanding. Please be sure your child is eating well, packing an afternoon and post-workout snack, and getting some extra rest. The coaches will deliver that same message to our athletes. We will also keep practices as brief as possible over the next few days.

Help Wanted – We need some help with the pasta dinners. If you can assist, please sign up using the links below.

Boys Pasta Dinner 1, September 12

Girls Pasta Dinner 1, September 12

Boys Pasta Dinner 2, September 25

Girls Pasta Dinner 2, September 25

Boys & Girls Pasta Dinner 3, October 18


Following our first meet, the athletes were all given a snack and chocolate milk for the ride home. Thank you to the families that made that happen! The kids (and coaches, and bus drivers, and many others) really love it!

Resources for Parents

New to the sport? Check out our “New XC Parent Handbook

Statewide Results & Hypothetical Rankings via Athletic.net

Competitive Schedules, Bus Times, & Maps – Girls – Boys

Contacting Coaches

If you have a question for a coach, it works best if you begin by contacting your child’s group coach.

Nike – Eileen Creutz <creutzeileen@gmail.com>

Brooks 1 – Matt Hagood <hagoomat@salineschools.org>

Brooks 2 – Amy Frauhammer <afrauham@emich.edu>

Brooks 3 – Angie Zill <amj11@albion.edu>

C-Group – Carl Spina <spinac@salineschools.org>

B-Group – Brian Boze <bozeb@salineschools.org>

A-Group – Colwyn Fischbach <cfish117@gmail.com>

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