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This is the 3rd of our new weekly updates.  Each week, we’ll be sending out a message filled with important information about the upcoming week as well as highlights from the previous week.


Please try to read the message each week, as it will be our primary method of communicating things you need to know.  Ideally, these messages reach both athletes and parents.  If you know that your parents or athlete is not receiving this message, please join the “Stay Connected” email list.


Looking Ahead

Mon, July 11th – Conditioning @  Liberty 9:00am

Tue – July 12th – Conditioning @  Liberty 9:00am

Wed – July 13th – Conditioning @  Mill Pond 9:00am

Wed – July 13th – Yoga @ Liberty 10:45am – $2 Donation  Read details here

Thu – July 14th – Conditioning @  Liberty 9:00am


Useful Links for XC Athletes/Parents

Girls CC Team Website

Girls’ Workouts and Training Logs


Looking Back

In Track and Field news, Brooke Pleger, a Saline alum and 2015 Bowling Green State U. grad, finished 8th at the U.S. Olympic Trials in the hammer throw last Wednesday!  Some of you may remember Brooke talking to the track team last year.  Read more here: Brooke Pleger at Olympic Trials.  Hopefully you’ve been able to catch some of the action on TV!


Looking Ahead

This week will be a relatively “normal” week of conditioning.  Please note we have a Yoga session @ Liberty on Wednesday at 10:45 (see link above for details).


Next week is CAMP week!  We still have a few spots left.  This is a highlight of the season – don’t miss out!  You can register here: Saline Cross Country Camp .  This link also has lots of other useful information for camp.


Important Summer Dates

July 18th – July 21st – CAMP (no conditioning)

August 6th – Alumni Run and Mike Smith Celebration

August 10th – First day of practice  – Nike Only

August 15th – First day of practice for ALL new team members only

August 16th – First day of practice for ENTIRE team

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